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To Help You Get the Most from Your Reading…Some Tips for How to Best Phrase Your Question:

A reading offers guidance that can empower you as you move forward on your soul’s journey. You will receive insight, not specific unchangeable facts.


The way a question is phrased will greatly impact the answer you receive, as will your energy when you ask your question. If you are feeling scattered, anxious, angry, desperate…your reading will reflect this energy. When thinking about your question, it helps to get clear and centered. Sit down, take some deep breaths, and reflect on what it is that you are truly wanting to ask.


Questions should be specific and clearly stated. A vague question will receive a vague answer. A specific question will receive a specific answer.


  • To get the most from your reading, seek answers that will empower you.

  • Provide some background information.

If you want to know about your career, don’t ask a vague question such as, “Where is my career headed?” Be clear, be specific, and be concise.


For example, tell me about your career, your relationship, your problem… This will allow me to connect the messages I receive from Spirit, providing you with the answers that best relate to your specific situation.


A word about timing. Human/3D timing is quite different from that of the Spiritual world. The future is always fluid and constantly changing. A reading can provide you with information about the timing of a potential outcome, however free will can alter this at any time. It is also important to remember that we cannot control the free will of others.


Suggestions for phrasing questions:

-What can I do to achieve…?

-What do I need to know about…?

-What is the energy surrounding my situation with …?

-How can I…?

-If I do (or don’t do) this…. what will be the result?

-What do I need to change to…?


And finally, ALWAYS remember that YOU have the power to change ANY outcome using your FREE WILL. If you do not jive with the outcome/information given to you from Spirit in your reading, you can 100% change the story. Your life is YOUR story, and you have the power to take charge at any point. 

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